Here are our most Fragrantly Asked Questions about the game: or if you would like to contact us, please click here.


Question: How do I play What’s that Smell?

Answer: Start the timer, pick a Mystery Whiff Card and try to guess the scent! Then pass it on to the next player and do it all over again until the smell round is over. Best sniffer wins! Watch this.


Question: Is What’s That Smell available in my country?

Answer: The game is currently available in English for the U.S., Canada (except for Quebec) and the UK. You can also buy it through these online retailers if they ship to your country.


Question: How many amazing smells come in the box and how long do they last?

Answer: There are 48 smells from nice to downright nasty! The cards can withstand repeat contact if properly used and stored. Fold regular game cards and return them to their compartments. Keep the 4 Stank Cards in the scent-barrier bags provided and seal them tightly… or else!


Question: Do some of the cards smell as bad as people say? Should I be worried?

Answer: Everyone has a different sensitivity to smell, but we didn’t create this game for the weak of heart! Rest assured that the infamous Stank Cards are stored in scent-barrier bags until they are unleashed for the Whiff of Shame. Testing your nostril know-how is all part of the fun!


Question: Do I need the app to play?

Answer: As long as you have a nose, you’re pretty much good to go, but the app makes the game play so much more fun! It comes with a timer and a ReekCam so that you can record the Whiff of Shame in all of its slow-motion glory. And you can unlock smell guesses from other players and even suggest your own if you think you have a superior sense of smell!


Question: I secretly want to shame my ___ into smelling the really bad stuff. Is that normal?

Answer: Yes. Totally normal (if not totally admirable). That’s why the app comes with a ReekCam so you can film the nasty inhale in slow motion and post it all over social media. What a time to be alive!


Question: How did you come up with the answers?

Answer: We surveyed a bunch of people and tallied the top answers for each card. But if you think you “nose” better than we do, you can use the app to suggest your own answers. If enough people agree, your suggestion could make it to the top of the list.


Question: Will you come up with new smells?

Answer: Hell, yeah! We’re always on the scent for the next new ick factor. Our offices smell of roses and rotting garbage pretty much 24/7. Stop by anytime! We don’t get many visitors.


Get more potent questions that we haven’t addressed? Hit us up here and we’ll do our best to track down the answer.