Play Like a Pro

time playing What's That Smell? Watch the full video to learn how.

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Got a short attention span? Check out our quick-start primer videos.

Quick guide

Quick-Start the Fun

See our step-by-step video guide below for a quick primer on how to play.

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Gather Your Friends

Sniff out up to 6 unsuspecting marks that are brave—or naïve—enough to play and appoint a StinkPin to be in charge of the round.

Snap up the App

For added fun, download the companion app, which comes with a digital timer and a slow-motion ReekCam. (More on that later!)

Embrace the Mystery

Each player picks a Mystery Whiff Card, unfolds the first panel and inserts the card in their cardholder so that the smell zone is visible but the answer isn't. (No cheating-that stinks!)

Get a Whiff of This

To release the scent on your card, brush it gently with a Whiff Strip, flare your nostrils and inhale deeply. Then prepare to be pleasantly surprised or knocked on your you-know-what.

Make a Smeducated Guess

Each cardholder has a number associated with it. Write it down on your scorepad and jot down your best smell guess. Dumpster? Diapers? Dirty gym socks?

Snort with Laughter

Now check off the smell category and think of the funniest memory or image that the smell triggers for your chance to earn bonus points. The funnier the better!

Cue the Next Smell

When the timer goes off, pass your cardholder to the player on your left. The timer will reset to start the next round. (TIP: Between smell rounds, sniff coffee beans or your own unscented skin to "reset" your nose.)

Moment of Truth

Once you've smelled all the cards, the StinkPin gathers them up and reveals the correct answers for each.

Tally Time

So how did you score?

- Top smell guess: 5 points.
- 2nd and 3rd best gusses: 3 points.
- Correct category: 1 point.
- Funniest association: 2 bonus points.

Whiff of Shame

The person with the highest score is crowned the Nose-It-All and gets to pick the player of their choice to smell 1 of the 4 outrageously stinky Stank Cards.

Enter the ReekCam

If the Whiff of Shame isn’t recorded in super slow-motion to share on social media, did it really happen? Use the in-app ReekCam to freeze the preciously pungent moment in time.