Rules of Engagement

What's Included

1 Scorepad

48 Mystery Whiff Cards

1 Sheet of Whiff Strips

6 Cardholders

4 Stank Cards & 4 Resealable Bags

Gather 2 to 6 friends that are brave enough to play and elect a StinkPin who will act as master of ceremonies throughout the game and tally the scores at the end of the round.

Each player should have a cardholder, a scorecard and a whiff strip. When ready, pick a Mystery Whiff Card from the pile, unfold the first panel and insert the card in your cardholder so that the smell zone is visible but the answer isn’t.

You can play with or without the What’s That Smell? app. If using the app, the StinkPin selects the game play mode, the number of Mystery Whiff Cards in play and a sniffing time of 30, 45, or 60 seconds. Hold your noses! Don’t start yet!

Start the timer. To release the scent on your card, brush once with your whiff strip and then give it a good sniff. HEY, NOSE NEWBIES: Scratching furiously will not release more of the scent! It will just damage your card, which is ZERO fun.

Each cardholder has a smell number. Write it down! Then jot down your best smell guess and check off the smell category that you think it belongs to. Last but not least: Share your funniest memory or visual associated with that smell. You could win bonus points!

When the timer goes off, pass your cardholder to the player on your left. The app timer will reset to zero for the new round. The game is done when all of the players have smelled all of their cards.

Whose the Nose-It-All? Tally Time!

The StinkPin gathers all of the cards and reveals the answers.

Players count their points as follows:

Smell Guess

You get 5 points if you guess the top answer and 3 points for the second and third best answers.

Smell Category

You get 1 point if you choose the correct category (even if your smell guess is wrong).

Smell Association

The group votes on whose smell memory is the funniest and that player gets 2 points.

App Bonus Points (Optional)

There are additional popular answers for each card in the What’s That Smell app. You get 1 point if your smell guess matches one of the answers.


In case of a tie, players can do a rapid smell-off round. Pick a random Mystery Whiff Card and cardholder. Select the Smell-Off mode in the app. Players will have 15 seconds each to guess the smell. Repeat until the Nose-It-All (aka the winner) emerges victorious.

Whiff of Shame

You won the round? Congrats! You can now pick a player of your choice to suffer the Whiff of Shame. Pick 1 of the 4 outrageously stinky Stank Cards, sit back and watch them take 3 big whiffs of it. For added fun, capture their recoiling face in super slow-motion using the ReekCam available in the What’s That Smell? app.

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