Ready, Set, Flare your Nostrils!

The object of the game is to guess what? Well, the smell! Or risk suffering the stinky consequences of the Whiff of Shame.

Over 50 smells included: some good, some downright nasty!

Ready, Set, Flare your Nostrils!

Enjoy hours of hilarity flaring your nostrils, putting your sense of smell to the test and giggling - or gagging - your way through each round. It’s as much fun as it sounds!

Sniff out up to 6 brave players and put your noses to the grindstone!

Ready, Set, Flare your Nostrils!

Jot down your best guess for the scent on your card, the category it belongs to and the association that smell triggers. The funnier the better!

Pick a Mystery Whiff Card and get guessing! (No cheating—that really stinks!)

Ready, Set, Flare your Nostrils!

The winner gets to REEK havoc by picking a player of their choice to smell 1 of the 4 outrageously stinky Stank Cards.

Download the free app to capture the Whiff of Shame in its slow-mo glory!

My family thinks some smells are hilarious -
the stinkier, the better.

Five Star Review

@ the old lady who lived in a shoe - Top 1000 Reviewer.

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Smelly Telly

Whiff of What?!


End the round with a scentsational score or risk suffering the stinky consequences of the Whiff of Shame!

Download the companion app and use the ReekCam to film your friend's recoiling face in slow-motion.
Share the video on social media so your friends and family who aren't within smelling distance can get in on the fun!
Cue up the stank

Certified Sniff Test

Ready to singe a few nose hairs? Click the button for a sample scent of one of our four punishing Stank Cards.

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Fragrantly Asked Questions

With over 48 smells to boggle the senses. It's no surprise you have questions. Check out our FAQ for more information.

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